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Saftey Tips Against Attacker

1.The Best Resistance You Can Use Against An Attacker Is Your Common Sense. Think! Don't Panic. The Most Important Element To Remember Is That You Are Not Trying To Fight The Attacker. But Are Attempting To Divert The Person Long Enough To Get Away

2. If The Attacker Has A Weapon, Use Your Common Sense. Fighting Against It Could Be Dangerous.

3. Stay Calm. Do Not Do Anything That May Upset The Attacker.

4. Talk To Your Attacker, Show Sympathy And Understanding.

5. Make The Attacker See You As An Individual, Not As An Object.

6. If The Attacker Is Unarmed, You Maybe Able To Scare, Distract Or Injure The Person Enough To Make Your Escape.

7 Scream, "Fire", "Police" Or Create A Disturbance That Will Attract Attention.

8. Be Observant So That You Will Be Able To Remember And Identify The Assailant.

9. Report The Incident To The Police As Soon As Possible.

10. Do Not Shower, Douche, Or Change Clothing.

It Is Necessary To Note That Women May Take All Of The Above Precautions And Still Be A Victim Of Rape Since Men Make A Decision To Rape And They Decide The Time And Place. Therefore, Men Need To Be Involved In The Solution.

More Safety Tips

1 Go Out In Groups

2 Arrange All Transport To And From Functions Beforehand

3 Always Tell Someone Where You Will Be Going And What Time You Are

4 Expected To Return

5 Get Your Own Drinks

6 Observe Carefully How It Is Being Prepared

7 Don't Leave A Drink To Return To It Later

8 Don't Get Drunk

9 Stay With The Group, Avoid Unfamiliar /dark Places.

10 Know Exactly Where Your Where You Are Supposed To Transport.

11 Travel With A Phone Card.

12 Know Exactly Where Your Car Is Parked Or Where You Are Supposed To

13 Meet Or Get Transport

14 Drive With All Car Doors Locked.

15 Have Car Keys Ready When You Approach Your Car.

16 When Walking Alone, Walk On The Side Of The Street Which Allows You To Face Oncoming Traffic.

17 If You Feel Threatened By A Car Stopping Next To You, Start Running In The Same Direction That You Were Originally Heading.

18 Loud Screams As You Run Is Useful.

19 Under No Circumstances Should A Woman Engage In Any Conversation Through The Open Window Of A Car With Several Strange Men, Even To Give Directions. If She Does Give Directions She Should Stay As Far From The Car As Possible.

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20 Be Alert. Always Look As Though You Know Exactly Where You Are Going. Always Find Out The Exact Directions Of Your Destination.

21 Absolutely No Hitch Hiking.

22 Women Should Not Travel In Cars With Men Only.

23 Women Should Have A Working Knowledge Of Self-Defence Techniques But Remember, It Is Better To Divert The Perpetrator's Attention Long Enough To Get Away

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